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The UK Energy Market

The UK energy market is comprehensive, and robust, providing many solid investment opportunities. The Solar energy market is growing fast due to embedded support from government backed Feed-In-Tariff’s (FIT) and Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROC’s) that yield-up strong returns for investors and developers alike.

At PS Renewables, we see two points of interest for investors being the Operational and Development costs for any project, both of which are known well in advance of any commitment or purchase. In addition to these known up-front costs, we also think another compelling investment benefit of solar is the known (and evidenced) solar irradiation in the UK. These points should provide solid comfort to investors that the asset will perform as suggested over time. These suggested points have encouraged Solar investment, and are now much sought after not only in the UK, but in other mature markets such as Spain, Italy and Germany.

Investors - Keeping it simple

As an investor, you need to keep it simple and de-risk along the way, and at PS Renewables we do this for you by identifying and developing quality assets, that are ready for investment. Within this process we also provide “bankable” assurance that we comply with all regulation and due-process for every site we build or market. In other words you can be sure that we develop all project rights documentation that smooths the purchase process, and de-risks the investor.

Given the above, PS Renewables are committed to delivering high standards in development, build and exit strategy. We will always help any investment conversation, so if you’re looking for opportunities within our current pipeline of over 35MW, then please free to get in touch.

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