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Our Work with Landowners

Landowners and Farmers in Jamaica are realising the potential of solar.

Solar farms have become an attractive opportunity for landowners in Jamaica.

PS Jamaica develop large scale solar projects that typically use space either on roofs or in fields, and over the past 6 months we’ve seen a dramatic demand for additional land.  The land in question is normally not very productive, and in some cases not producing any yields whatsoever.  By using your asset as a “viable energy crop”, it can suddenly produce very attractive incomes for you or your organisation.  This is the reason why so many landowners and farmers are now freeing up land that might not currently serve a useful purpose.

What we offer landowners is not unique, however where we stand apart is that we deliver on our commitments, and this commitment comes in the form of a guaranteed rental income for the entire term of the project (typically 25-35 years). In addition we always ensure you’re paid the fair market rate, and we mange the entire process for you.

At PS Jamaica we understand solar can be a compelling addition to your energy mix, moreover that it could have a true added value to your business.  If you have any questions please get in touch or email

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